Stunning fully renovated detached villa with a private swimming pool and garage for sale in Los Balcones – Torrevieja

Stunning fully renovated detached villa with a private swimming pool and garage for sale in Los Balcones – Torrevieja

C. Isla Grosa Bal, 03186, Alicante, España



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We can now offer this wonderful  fully renovated detached villa for sale in Los Balcones – Torrevieja. Here you can really enjoy the Spanish sun regardless of whether you live full-time or are on vacation.

The property consists of 2 floors. On the first floor there is a large entrance equipped with underfloor heating, open living room and kitchen, garage and storage with access to the home. Further on the second floor there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with showers. Two of the bedrooms include a connecting balcony with a wonderful view of the garden.

The floor plan for the garden is really well thought out and created to use every square meter in the best possible way. The private pool is 24 square meters and lit by LED lights, and there is a pool bar to use. In addition to approximately 30 square meters of artificial grass, there are also two separate pergolas in the garden.

The property was built in 1998 but has been completely renovated in 2010 and since then the owners have really taken care of it. The house was repainted externally in 2015 and internally in 2017.

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Additional Details

  • Plot: 409 m²
  • Local tax: 552€ / Year

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